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Translating into Spanish and other U.S.-immigrant languages requires exceptional skills. In addition to serving commerce and industry, LMTS has a substantial government client sector.

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) immigrants rely on translated material to engage with the US culture. Their relationship with their native language is constantly evolving around English terms and communication styles.

Translating for this market requires awareness of these new realities and the ability to localize. Communicating with immigrant LEPs is much more than the basic text-based translation practice. 

LMTS is proud to work with a select group of highly-qualified immigrant translators who reside in the USA and understand their communities.

Through our unique relationship with the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (“ANLE” by its Spanish acronym) and the Research Institute of United States Spanish (“RIUSS”), we are constantly researching and validating terms and conventions used in communication and information addressed to LEP immigrant Spanish-speakers.

LMTS seeks to promote inclusivity in community outreach through translations that communicate in plain language.