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MissionTo achieve effective and proactive communication through functional translation.

Core Competencies:

  • Functional translation
  • Localization
  • Editing, machine translation post-editing
  • Subtitling, transcription
  • DTP
  • Language assessment and research
  • Expert medical and financial translators
  • Cutting-edge translation tools
  • Procedures include creating project-specific glossaries and style guides


  • Most of our translators and editors are certified immigrant professionals who clearly understand US-immigrant communities
  • We specialize in LEP Spanish-speakers, applying research-based knowledge to achieve the equivalent of plain language
  • US- based translators for all government assignments in all languages
  • Localization appropriate to bilingual contexts
  • Adherence to government-mandated CLAS standards
  • Helping clients to provide instructions that enable translators to craft targeted proactive messages.


Mission: To support and develop linguistic research applied to translation into Spanish used in the United States to promote effective communication with Hispanics, including LEPs 

To determine an equivalent of plain language / lenguaje claro.

Core Competencies:

  • Expertise in functional translation
  • Expertise in natural language research methodology—corpus development and applied linguistics
  • Proven expertise in Spanish, including United States Spanish
  • Proven expertise in translation, machine translation and cross-cultural communication
  • Working knowledge of language needs of LEP Hispanics in public services
  • Scientific Committee of members with advanced, specialized knowledge of language-related issues
  • Ability to partner on research with collaborating like-minded professionals and entities


Sole-source methodology to find evidence-based terminology appropriate to Hispanics and LEPs.

Informed by multi-disciplinary collaborating experts.